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EGGS, STARS, AND LEMONS: 🍳⭐️🍋 yellow is on the nail art scene

I've had a rocky relationship with Deco's yellow crème, Tequila Sunrise, since I added the shade into the core collection at the very beginning of the brand. On the one hand, I felt challenged to create a good yellow polish; on the other, who wore yellow nail polish anyway?

Enter, 2018. Yellow nails are popping up everywhere, and Tequila Sunrise is one of Deco's most popular shades this spring. The color was featured in two Miami Swim Week shows last year (check out the pics here), so I guess it's not a huge surprise to see the color move from the runways to your finger tips nine months later.

Here's a round-up of some yellow nails (first three are Tequila Sunrise!) to put you in a bright and sunny mood.

TEQUILA SUNRISE ✨⭐️ // #dotticure #ph5 #nyfw2017

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Lemons for my girlie @browsbyshea!

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Chic + St. Patty's Day = THIS

Not gonna lie to you, I'm not huge on holiday nails. Christmas tree and four leaf clover nails aren't my thing, but I still like to feel a little festive in my own way. I recently saw a gorgeous nail art design with little crystals placed in bunches of four around the nail, so I modified the idea slightly and just used a metallic paint instead.

Mint base is Petite Palm, rose gold is Champagne Mami. I used a medium dotter tool to make the little "clovers". I'm not crazy about mint for myself (I get annoyed by bright greens and yellows if I wear them longer than a day) and will change the base to Nip Slip for the weekend.

Dark Winter Florals: Nail Art

There's something satisfying about wearing black nail polish. Black nail polish is a power move; it says IDGAF and I'm stylish as hell at the same time. Sometimes though, it feels good to add a little color to your solid mani, and that's what I did here with these winter florals.

So, before we break out the pastels for spring, let's remember how badass black is.

NAIL ART: Fendi Monster

Whenever I walk through Saks, the Fendi monster design always catches my eye. I have too much sense and not enough cash to splurge on a $700 keychain with those cute little yellow eyes, and so I've turned to nail art to satisfy my craving for a little luxury without breaking the bank.

Fendi liked to put taupe and coral orange together last season which really pops against one another, and so I put Café Con Leche as my base with Feeling Fuego as a tip accent to get this same effect. The tip design was inspired by Paintbox Nail's Après Ski collection.

I used yellow Tequila Sunrise and royal blue Namaste By The Pool for the monster's eyes. I tried to do two eyes on one nail at first, but abandoned that ship when I realized that my middle finger's tip is crooked and I couldn't make it look straight.

Oh well, I tried. :)

fendi colors-01.png

2017 Holiday Mani Roundup

The nail artists have spoken, and bright red, Señorita, specifically, is clearly the holiday mani shade of choice. Shimmery accents in silver and gold were also popular (which, cough, makes me feel like I should put out a silver and gold next season, cough) as well as black and white for accents.

Photos featuring nail art from @nailsbyjen, @nailsbyharlig, @melcisme, @courtdoespolish, @karanailsit, @thenailstaproject, & @chroma_nails.