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2018 Bridal Makeup Trends // An Interview With A Pro

Just as normal makeup goes through trends, bridal makeup does too. I chatted with event planner extraordinaire Taria Griffin of Ama La Vita Events to find out how bridal beauty trends were changing in 2018. Even if you aren't about to get hitched, it's good practice to keep that wedding Pinterest board updated, (I know you have one...)


1. What 2017, wedding trends have died with the new year?
The use of a more dewy natural look is going out is definitely a beauty trend dying in 2017. In 2018, brides want to look natural but also have that radiant glow! The bright eye shadow colors are also dying out this year. Brides are going for more subtle and soft looks like grays. 

2. What 2017 trends are still alive in 2018?
The wavy messy hair is definitely a trend that will be alive in 2018. This messy hair includes the braided look, as well as, long waves. The pop of color is a trend that is here to stay. It truly lets the bride express herself! Letting her groom, family, and friends know what kind of statement she wants to make.

3. There are so so many lip colors out there, what’s hot for 2018?
Bold reds, burgundies, deep purples, muted blushes, muted apricot. 

4. Do you see brides going all out with their nails for their big day, or going for more a more conservative look?
I have seen brides both go all out with their nails as well as be conservative. Nail color can be affected by a lot of things such as the color of the dress, personal style, wedding colors, and makeup. 

5. We know that brides love pinks and nudes on their nails, but are there any other trendy nail colors for brides this year?
Reds, deep purples, and white. (Check out Not Your Fortune Teller, Señorita, and Coco!)

6. What kind of lip products are brides wearing on their big day? Is the liquid lip craze big with brides, or do they choose another kind of lip product?
Lip tints are an increasingly popular trend coming into 2018. Brides have been wearing matte lipsticks with bright and bold colors. Brides are primarily wearing glosses and lipsticks.

7. Heavy contouring was an overall beauty trend that could translate to wedding, but do you think 2018’s monochrome makeup trend will overlap to brides?
Yes, I think that monochromatic make up will overlap to in bridal. It delivers the flawless look with the glow that all brides want to have on their perfect day!

8. Do you have any advice for brides who want to play into 2018’s beauty (and fashion!) trends, but still want to have a timeless wedding look?
Definitely have a trial makeup session if you can. It will allow you to explore a look that you may not have been thinking of. Purchase make up and also try some looks on yourself in your spare time, it will definitely save you the worry. 

Cheeky Valentine's Day Gifts for 7 of your BFFs

v day-01.png

I love Valentine's Day. I have very fond memories of going to the drugstore to pick out the coolest Valentine notes to give away to my classmates, and then stuffing my face with conversation hearts and pink cupcakes after the ceremonial Valentine's Day party.

Valentine's Day as an adult doesn't involve as much mass giving, and if you want to give your close friends a thoughtful little treat, your best options are candy and/or Deco Miami polishes. Here are some color ideas for for everyone in your squad.

1. For your newly single friend: Boy Bye, Don't Call Me Baby Girl,  Black Like My Soul.

2. For your "I am an independent woman and don't need no man" friend: #Slay, Male TearsSeñorita.

3. For your selfie queen friendFeeling Fuego, Better Than The Photos, Instafamous.

4. For your friend who will be listening to Drake and longingly gazing off into the distance all February 14thChampagne Mami.

5. For your relationship therapist friend: Not Your Fortune Teller.

6. For your friend who is in a relationship: Tied Down.

7. For your friend who loves to drink: Rosé All DayTequila Sunrise.

4 Tips For Healthy Nails In Cold Weather

Winter is coming, and it's time to start implementing a cold weather routine to ensure that your nails stay long and healthy throughout the colder season. Here are three key tips that you should follow to avoid breaks and tears.

1. PROTECT YOUR NAILS FROM SWEATERS. It may sound silly, but sweaters can catch the micro-frays in your nails when you touch a knitwear garment and tear your nail! To prevent this, make sure that you lightly file your nails with a glass file to close up any problem ridges before you put on your sweater.

2. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE. If your hands peel and itch in colder months, step up your moisturizing game and invest in a cuticle oil on top of your lotion. If you've ever wondered how instafamous nail artists have such luxurious looking nail beds, it's because of religious cuticle oil-ing! Don't be afraid to give yourself a super moisturizing hand and cuticle treatment before bed; your morning-self will thank you.

3. LOTION UP AFTER WASHING YOUR HANDS. Wet hands are your enemy in the winter because water and soap removes those good oils from your hands, so make sure that you go straight for the lotion or hand cream after you wash your hands or step out of the shower.

4. DON'T GO NAKED! Polishing your nails helps to protect them from dings, tears, and breaks because the lacquer adds a layer of protection to your nail bed. Your nails are more susceptible to breaks when they are brittle and dried out, and nail polish is kind of like body armor for your nails. Avoid gels and glue if you are worried about having healthy natural nails in winter, as these treatments are not water permeable, which means that lotions can't penetrate your nail to moisturize them.


5 Reasons to Start Using a Glass Nail File

#1. It won't wear down like an emery board file. Since we're dealing with glass and not cardboard, a glass file won't wear down in the same way as an emery board file will after continuous use. As long as you don't literally break the nail file, it'd good to use forever and ever.

#2. You can clean it with soap and water. Unlike an emery board file, you can easily clean your glass nail file with soap and water after using it.

#3. It files more efficiently than an emery board file so that your nails won't fray. The surface on a glass nail file is smoother than a typical emery board, and using a glass nail file won't splinter or break your nails upon use. 

#4. It's perfect for shaping your nails. Because glass files are able to very finely shave off edges of the nail, a glass file should be your go-to choice when you are shaping your nail.

#5. They're cute as hell. Just sayin'... Deco has some glass nail files in fab colors. (With even more colors releasing Summer 2017! Stay tuned...)

glass files

MANI TIPS: Bubbling

Do you ever paint your nails and after the second (or third) coat notice teeny tiny little bubbles throughout your paint job? If you answered ugh, yes to the above, then read on because I have a solution for you so that you never see those dreaded little bubbles in your mani ever again.

In a nutshell, there are two categories of nail polish: quick dry formulas and gel-like formulas. Quick dry formulas are thinner (hence their short dry times) and require multiple coats to reach full opacity, while gel-like formulas are thicker in comparison so that they are opaque in one or two coats. Thicker formulas typically last longer than thinner ones and make for a better manicure, which is the tradeoff for having to wait a little longer for your polish to dry. Bubbles happen because of how you paint your nails and are no indication of formula quality, but you probably notice those annoying bubbles when you use very opaque nail polish more often than your quick dry polishes.

Bubbles in your manicure happen when you paint a thick coat of polish on your nail and then paint another polish coat overtop while the bottom layer is still drying and releasing little spouts of air through the polish. When you put a new coat of polish over a layer that is still wet and releasing air, you are trapping that air that is trying to rise through the polish and creating bubbles.

If you tend to paint your nails with thicker coats, always give your coats a little extra time to dry before adding another. Painting all ten of your nails and then immediately circling back for your second coat probably isn't enough time to let the first coat dry out enough, and you should wait 3-5 minutes before applying your second coat. Keep this in mind when you use very opaque nail polish (like Deco!) and you'll never see bubbles in your mani again. And please, don't put your nail polish in the fridge before you use it to get rid of bubbles (heard this one before) because this actually makes your polish thicker, so you will have to wait even longer for each coat to dry to give those bubbles ample time to rise to the surface.