4 Tips For Healthy Nails In Cold Weather

Winter is coming, and it's time to start implementing a cold weather routine to ensure that your nails stay long and healthy throughout the colder season. Here are three key tips that you should follow to avoid breaks and tears.

1. PROTECT YOUR NAILS FROM SWEATERS. It may sound silly, but sweaters can catch the micro-frays in your nails when you touch a knitwear garment and tear your nail! To prevent this, make sure that you lightly file your nails with a glass file to close up any problem ridges before you put on your sweater.

2. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE. If your hands peel and itch in colder months, step up your moisturizing game and invest in a cuticle oil on top of your lotion. If you've ever wondered how instafamous nail artists have such luxurious looking nail beds, it's because of religious cuticle oil-ing! Don't be afraid to give yourself a super moisturizing hand and cuticle treatment before bed; your morning-self will thank you.

3. LOTION UP AFTER WASHING YOUR HANDS. Wet hands are your enemy in the winter because water and soap removes those good oils from your hands, so make sure that you go straight for the lotion or hand cream after you wash your hands or step out of the shower.

4. DON'T GO NAKED! Polishing your nails helps to protect them from dings, tears, and breaks because the lacquer adds a layer of protection to your nail bed. Your nails are more susceptible to breaks when they are brittle and dried out, and nail polish is kind of like body armor for your nails. Avoid gels and glue if you are worried about having healthy natural nails in winter, as these treatments are not water permeable, which means that lotions can't penetrate your nail to moisturize them.