🍋Neon Lemons 🍋

Did you ever have braces? 🙋 I did. My appreciation for yellow and pink together began in 7th grade, when one of my friends walked into ballet class with pink and yellow braces. While I thank god most days I'm reminded that I did not have Instagram and Facebook when I was of middle school age, I'm sad that I don't have much documentation of my braces. Getting crazy colors on your braces was definitely a perk of the experience.... gateway drug to non-permanent body modification (like nail polish), maybe?

So now that you know the backstory behind my attraction to yellow and pink together, we can appreciate my nail art in these colors. Kara from @karanailedit made an adorable lemon design last summer with Cake and Tequila Sunrise, and I took the concept a slightly different direction with my own spin on the lemons.