EGGS, STARS, AND LEMONS: 🍳⭐️🍋 yellow is on the nail art scene

I've had a rocky relationship with Deco's yellow crème, Tequila Sunrise, since I added the shade into the core collection at the very beginning of the brand. On the one hand, I felt challenged to create a good yellow polish; on the other, who wore yellow nail polish anyway?

Enter, 2018. Yellow nails are popping up everywhere, and Tequila Sunrise is one of Deco's most popular shades this spring. The color was featured in two Miami Swim Week shows last year (check out the pics here), so I guess it's not a huge surprise to see the color move from the runways to your finger tips nine months later.

Here's a round-up of some yellow nails (first three are Tequila Sunrise!) to put you in a bright and sunny mood.

TEQUILA SUNRISE ✨⭐️ // #dotticure #ph5 #nyfw2017

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Lemons for my girlie @browsbyshea!

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