Say Hello to FRENCHIE

Coming up with new colors is my favorite part of sitting in the driver's seat of Deco. Lavender has been on my shortlist of VIP shades since the very beginning, and it worked out nicely that lavender is Spring 2018's it color too. Enter, Frenchie. Fun fact, I almost released this shade Fall 2017 (lavender polish just looks amazing with light colored oversized sweaters in colder weather), and I'm absolutely an advocate of wearing lavender all year round.

I'll be around D.C. this spring, and if you've ever been, you know how beautiful the city is this time of year with its cherry blossoms and pastel buildings. It hasn't been as warm as we'd like it to be this time of year, but jeans and a sweater is still a pretty comfy outfit so I'll keep my complaining to a minimum. ;)

Frenchie, and three other new Deco shades, will be available May 1.