2018 Bridal Makeup Trends // An Interview With A Pro

Just as normal makeup goes through trends, bridal makeup does too. I chatted with event planner extraordinaire Taria Griffin of Ama La Vita Events to find out how bridal beauty trends were changing in 2018. Even if you aren't about to get hitched, it's good practice to keep that wedding Pinterest board updated, (I know you have one...)


1. What 2017, wedding trends have died with the new year?
The use of a more dewy natural look is going out is definitely a beauty trend dying in 2017. In 2018, brides want to look natural but also have that radiant glow! The bright eye shadow colors are also dying out this year. Brides are going for more subtle and soft looks like grays. 

2. What 2017 trends are still alive in 2018?
The wavy messy hair is definitely a trend that will be alive in 2018. This messy hair includes the braided look, as well as, long waves. The pop of color is a trend that is here to stay. It truly lets the bride express herself! Letting her groom, family, and friends know what kind of statement she wants to make.

3. There are so so many lip colors out there, what’s hot for 2018?
Bold reds, burgundies, deep purples, muted blushes, muted apricot. 

4. Do you see brides going all out with their nails for their big day, or going for more a more conservative look?
I have seen brides both go all out with their nails as well as be conservative. Nail color can be affected by a lot of things such as the color of the dress, personal style, wedding colors, and makeup. 

5. We know that brides love pinks and nudes on their nails, but are there any other trendy nail colors for brides this year?
Reds, deep purples, and white. (Check out Not Your Fortune Teller, Señorita, and Coco!)

6. What kind of lip products are brides wearing on their big day? Is the liquid lip craze big with brides, or do they choose another kind of lip product?
Lip tints are an increasingly popular trend coming into 2018. Brides have been wearing matte lipsticks with bright and bold colors. Brides are primarily wearing glosses and lipsticks.

7. Heavy contouring was an overall beauty trend that could translate to wedding, but do you think 2018’s monochrome makeup trend will overlap to brides?
Yes, I think that monochromatic make up will overlap to in bridal. It delivers the flawless look with the glow that all brides want to have on their perfect day!

8. Do you have any advice for brides who want to play into 2018’s beauty (and fashion!) trends, but still want to have a timeless wedding look?
Definitely have a trial makeup session if you can. It will allow you to explore a look that you may not have been thinking of. Purchase make up and also try some looks on yourself in your spare time, it will definitely save you the worry.