Cheeky Valentine's Day Gifts for 7 of your BFFs

v day-01.png

I love Valentine's Day. I have very fond memories of going to the drugstore to pick out the coolest Valentine notes to give away to my classmates, and then stuffing my face with conversation hearts and pink cupcakes after the ceremonial Valentine's Day party.

Valentine's Day as an adult doesn't involve as much mass giving, and if you want to give your close friends a thoughtful little treat, your best options are candy and/or Deco Miami polishes. Here are some color ideas for for everyone in your squad.

1. For your newly single friend: Boy Bye, Don't Call Me Baby Girl,  Black Like My Soul.

2. For your "I am an independent woman and don't need no man" friend: #Slay, Male TearsSeñorita.

3. For your selfie queen friendFeeling Fuego, Better Than The Photos, Instafamous.

4. For your friend who will be listening to Drake and longingly gazing off into the distance all February 14thChampagne Mami.

5. For your relationship therapist friend: Not Your Fortune Teller.

6. For your friend who is in a relationship: Tied Down.

7. For your friend who loves to drink: Rosé All DayTequila Sunrise.