PH5 x Deco Miami

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This past NYFW was the third time that Deco worked with PH5, a NYC-based knitwear brand run by designers Wei Lin and Mijia Zhang. I love working with these designers because they always are down to do nail art, which is not always a given for fashion week shows. The designers wanted to incorporate navy and oxblood rectangles on the nail, which is 100% on-trend with all of the geometric manicures on Pinterest right now. Grace Kingsley led the Deco team with Angel Johnson and Laura Streeter for the February 8th show.

PH5 has gotten some media attention from the show, with Forbes for highlighting the brand's Chinese roots and The New York Times covering how the designers invited Girls Who Code to model their clothes. The designers utilize computer programming to design the stitching for their collections... who knew!

Deco Miami created the look for PH5 using taupe Café Con Leche as the base color, with oxblood Tied Down and navy Brickell Blue for the rectangles.


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