Oxblood + Fuchsia { Winter In Florida }

When I was a kid, I remember packing for winter Florida vacations and feeling very confused about what to bring. My warm weather clothing shouted SUMMER! and I felt silly wearing sunflower dresses and brightly colored shirts in January and February when my family made our annual trek down from Maryland to see my grandparents.

(Yes, I was a very fashion conscious kid and rarely approved of the clothing that my mom bought me. I have a vivd memory of having a meltdown before a friend's birthday party because my mom made me wear a shirt with a big fluffy peter pan collar, which were the bane of my existence at nine. I blame years of enduring Catholic school uniforms on my hatred of collars.)

Anyway, spending time in Florida as an adult doesn't make the question of how to fashionably dress for winter in the tropics any simpler. Changes in weather give us the opportunity to introduce variety into our style, and this doesn't happen very often down south when the weather is consistently "warm", "hot", and/or "humid". So when cooler weather rolls in, it's time to break out the long sleeves. Or, bell sleeves, in this outfit's case.

hands (2 of 2).jpg

I was torn between oxblood and fuchsia for my nails, and added the swipe of MILEY WHATS GOOD on top of TIED DOWN last minute in the car before hopping out and shooting. Tied Down is a very mature color and didn't seem right against that colorful Free People cropped sweatshirt, and the pink added a hint of playfulness to the nails to tie everything together. 10/10, will be doing this design again with other colors. 

Can we talk about how gorgeous the buildings in this shoot are? Almost all of the buildings in South Beach are securely guarded by gates which makes it difficult to do pictures, but sometimes you can get lucky and a resident will pass through and open it for you. The mint and white building just happened to be under construction, and the workers let me stand a few feet past the gate to snap a few pics.