NAIL ART: Fendi Monster

Whenever I walk through Saks, the Fendi monster design always catches my eye. I have too much sense and not enough cash to splurge on a $700 keychain with those cute little yellow eyes, and so I've turned to nail art to satisfy my craving for a little luxury without breaking the bank.

Fendi liked to put taupe and coral orange together last season which really pops against one another, and so I put Café Con Leche as my base with Feeling Fuego as a tip accent to get this same effect. The tip design was inspired by Paintbox Nail's Après Ski collection.

I used yellow Tequila Sunrise and royal blue Namaste By The Pool for the monster's eyes. I tried to do two eyes on one nail at first, but abandoned that ship when I realized that my middle finger's tip is crooked and I couldn't make it look straight.

Oh well, I tried. :)

fendi colors-01.png