1. Name: Jessie K
2. IG handle: @heyitsjessie.k
3. Location: Lake Stevens, WA
4. Spirit animal: Sloth
5. Favorite Deco Miami shade: Champagne Mami
6. What’s one thing that most of your followers don’t know about you? My birthday falls on National Boss's Day. Holla.
7. Where do you get your inspiration for your nail art designs? I get inspired by staring at polish. Ideas come to me in quiet moments.
8. Describe your nail art style in a few words: Tape. All the tape. 
9. Who are some nail artists that inspire you?: @sparrownails, @justagirlandhernails, and @svetlana_87 all immediately come to mind.
10. How long have you been a nail artist, and what made you get into it in the first place?: It's been about 4.5 years now since artists posting to Pinterest inspired me to try my first tape mani. 
11. If you could make your own nail polish color, what color would it be and what would you name it? It would be some kind of sparkly, gold glitter named Evelynn. 
12. If you’re not painting your nails, what can you typically be found doing instead? De-tangling my hair and/or playing lots of  Minecraft. 
13. What is your second favorite cosmetic item (with nail polish obviously being the first!)?: Eyebrow pencils are my second best friend. 
14. Got any tips for aspiring nail artists?: Paint what makes you happy without concern for what you think others want to see from you. 
15. Link to your most favorite design you’ve posted: I just love this one so much. Squevrons were born from my brain and I continue to be so in love with the design.