NAIL ART: Geodes

I first saw geode nail art a few weeks ago being done with a manicure sander on gel nails, and I thought, "dang, I wish I could do that with normal polish!". Fast forward to yesterday, when I was lazy and painted a metallic polish over a crème polish and then immediately wiped it off leaving a geode-like design, I realized that I could make geode nails with Deco polish!

+ Nail polish remover (NOT 100% ACETONE)
+ cotton balls
+ a metallic nail polish (Jewelbox, pictured)
+ 3-4 crème nail polishes (I used Bubble Tea, Male Tears, Black Like My Soul, and Cake)

IMPORTANT: Only attempt this mani if you have time (approximately 30-45 minutes) to let several coats of nail polish completely dry!

STEP 1: This mani basically starts off as Polish Mountain, which is why it's really important to let each coat dry a bit before you add another. Make sure your coats aren't too thick either, and err towards thinner coats. Alternate between the crèmes and the metallic shade until you have about six coats total, and then let the entire thing dry.

STEP 2: Like, really, let it dry. If you don't let it dry it will be a mess when you move onto the next step. Put on some Netflix while you wait. 

STEP 3: Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and ring it out. The cotton ball should be wet but not dripping. Then, gently begin to swirl the cotton ball in light circles on top of your nail. Gently is the key here, because if you rub with too much pressure, the polish will smush all over and turn into an ugly mess. Just take your time and check your nail every few seconds to see how much progress you're making with the remover through the layers. 

NOTE: I suspect that if you want to use pure acetone that rubbing through the layers will happen much faster, which is why I used a partial acetone remover because I wanted more control over how much polish I removed. 

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