Instagram's nail art community is known for being pretty amazing, and Deco will be showcasing nail artists this spring in this Meet The Artist series to celebrate these awesome ladies! This week features @cassmariebeauty, AKA Cassandre

1. Name: Cassandre Banel
2. IG handle: @cassmariebeauty
3. Location: Seattle
4. Spirit animal: Alexis Carrington from Dynasty
5. Favorite Deco Miami shade: Male Tears
6. What’s one thing that most of your followers don’t know about you? I work full time in patent law.
7. Where do you get your inspiration for your nail art designs? I start with colors and shapes I like, and use seasonal trends or images to help influence the design. Japanese nail magazines are also full of trendy ideas.
8. Describe your nail art style in a few words: simple and fun, sometimes elegant
9. Who are some nail artists that inspire you?: Sophie of @theillustratednail and not a nail artist, but I love Aleksandra Kingo @aleksandrakingo for her nail and hand photography.
10. How long have you been a nail artist, and what made you get into it in the first place?: Not very long! I first started working as a social media content creator for Formula X / Sephora in 2014. I've always hoarded nail polish but didn't get into actual nail art until maybe 4 years ago. I had lived in Tokyo during 2008-09, and was always in awe of the unique selection that just wasn't available in the U.S. -- I was so happy when non-traditional colors and designs became mainstream here that I knew I had to start documenting my nail painting.
11. If you could make your own nail polish color, what color would it be and what would you name it? It would be the perfect cream color (with a great formula), and I'd probably call it something boring like Bone White or Antique Egg. I would be TERRIBLE at naming polish. I'd give up immediately and just start calling shades "Dave" or "This Sucks"
12. If you’re not painting your nails, what can you typically be found doing instead? When it's nice out, I love taking day trips or finding spots to go camping. The natural beauty of the Pacific NW is unreal. But, since the rainy stereotype about Seattle is pretty true, I'm usually indoors playing video games, or at a bar playing pool ;)
13. What is your second favorite cosmetic item (with nail polish obviously being the first!)?: Lip gloss. I own so. much. lip gloss. There are more than 10 tubes in my purse right now.
14. Got any tips for aspiring nail artists?: Nothing complements great nail art like a nice photo of all that work you did. If that's something you're interested in - you can boost quality of Instagram pics by incorporating as much bright, natural light as possible and looking into purchasing a macro lens.
15. Link us your most favorite design you’ve posted! This look because I always return to this design and recreate some variation of it.

All photos in this post are from @cassmariebeauty's IG.