5 Reasons to Start Using a Glass Nail File

#1. It won't wear down like an emery board file. Since we're dealing with glass and not cardboard, a glass file won't wear down in the same way as an emery board file will after continuous use. As long as you don't literally break the nail file, it'd good to use forever and ever.

#2. You can clean it with soap and water. Unlike an emery board file, you can easily clean your glass nail file with soap and water after using it.

#3. It files more efficiently than an emery board file so that your nails won't fray. The surface on a glass nail file is smoother than a typical emery board, and using a glass nail file won't splinter or break your nails upon use. 

#4. It's perfect for shaping your nails. Because glass files are able to very finely shave off edges of the nail, a glass file should be your go-to choice when you are shaping your nail.

#5. They're cute as hell. Just sayin'... Deco has some glass nail files in fab colors. (With even more colors releasing Summer 2017! Stay tuned...)

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