MEET THE ARTIST: misspolishednails

Instagram's nail art community is known for being pretty amazing, and Deco will be showcasing nail artists this spring in this Meet The Artist series to celebrate these awesome ladies! First up is South Florida's misspolishednails, AKA Katy

1. Name: Katy
2. IG handle: @misspolishednails
3. Location: South Florida
4. Spirit animal: Lobster
5. Favorite Deco Miami shade: Don't Call Me Baby Girl
6. What’s one thing that most of your followers don’t know about you?: I love gardening/DIYing- I wear gloves!
7. Where do you get your inspiration for your nail art designs?: Fashion! Any I like! Colors! 
8. Describe your nail art style in a few words: Chic! I use that word a ton in my posts, lol.
9. Who are some nail artists that inspire you?: 1 @gabbysnailart and @melcisme. They're both totally my style.
10. How long have you been a nail artist, and what made you get into it?: Since I was 11, so 5 years. Watched my mom getting a French manicure at a salon and decided I needed to do that too! The rest is history :)
11. If you could make your own nail polish color, what color would it be and what would you name it?: I like colors that'll accent an outfit. I especially love golds, I'd do a dense gold glitter polish! I'd name it RARE because being a ginger myself and finding a perfect gold glitter polish is ... rare.
12. If you’re not painting your nails, what can you typically be found doing instead? Working at a big project I've begun, I also enjoy watching a Korean or Japanese show honestly haha. They're so good. 
13. What is your second favorite cosmetic item (with nail polish obviously being the first!)?: My brows are naturally light, my brow filler's a must! 
14. Got any tips for aspiring nail artists?:
My main 3 keys are:
• Lighting- Natural lighting (avoid harsh shadows) or LED daylight bulbs are great for photos.
• Cuticles and healthy nails!- Yes, the focus is the nail art, but it's so important to have a cleaned cuticle line (fix up with eye brush and acetone) and hydrate them to prevent dry and flaky skin which is unappealing. Just this will make whatever you do look cleaner and more professional. 
• Make your own look: Be consistent with the environment of your nail posts. It'll make you more recognizable, define what your style is, which should represent you.
15. Link to your most favorite design you’ve posted:
I have too many! One is definitely here where I'm holding Miley What's Good, by Deco Miami of course ;)

All photos in this post are from @misspolishednail's IG.