Match Your Nail Polish To Your Zodiac Sign


Astrology is connected to color, and wearing your astrological shade can help you to discover new parts of your very colorful personality... or maybe just get you to try wearing yellow polish (if you're a Gemini, that is). Scroll to find out what hues match up with your sign.

  • Aries: SEÑORITA. Aries is all about passion and energy, making red a go-to shade.

  • Taurus: CAFÉ CON LECHE. Earth tones reinforce Taurus' connection with nature and growth.

  • Gemini: TEQUILA SUNRISE. Yellow is the color of the mind and intellect and enhances Gemini's focus and mental powers.

  • Cancer: COCO. White represents a clean slate for Cancer, and also intuition and purity.

  • Leo: CHAMPAGNE MAMI. Leo is all about power and warmth, two qualities of shiny gold hues.

  • Virgo: NIP SLIP. Neutral shades keep Virgo grounded and stable.

  • Libra: MILEY WHATS GOOD + VENETIAN ISLE. Pink and blue represent the calm and likability of Libra's nature.

  • Scorpio: BLACK LIKE MY SOUL. Black represents the depth of Scorpio; Scorpio really is black like her soul.

  • Sagittarius: NOT YOUR FORTUNE TELLER. Purple is the color of Sagittarius' spiritual power and openness.

  • Capricorn: CAFÉ CON LECHE. Browns and taupes represent Capricorn's strong and steady nature.

  • Aquarius:  BRICKELL BLUE. Blue represent's the vastness of open flowing ideas and experimentation, which helps to channel Aquarius' restless energy.

  • Pisces: PETITE PALM. Green represents renewal and healing for Pisces.