DECO GIFT GUIDE: Colors "For That Friend"

Finding the perfect gift for your besties is a daunting task when you have so so many options these days, but now that you're here and reading this, things will seem so much clearer once you get to the bottom of this article! 

Deco Miami colors were inspired by our favorite things in pop culture, so here is a guide of some of our fav colors for you to use for your holiday shopping list.

CHAMPAGNE MAMI: For that friend who can't stop talking about Drake

MILEY WHATS GOOD: For that friend who knows every lyric to "Super Bass"

DON'T CALL ME BABY GIRL: For that friend who loves pink but means business, and also recognizes this iconic quote from our girl

ROSÉ ALL DAY: For that friend who can't get enough of that pink drink

NAMASTE BY THE POOL: For that friend who will sneak in a yoga pose whenever she can (in the classroom, in the office, walking on the sidewalk, etc)

#SLAY: For that friend who never misses an opportunity to throw jazz hands up when Single Ladies plays

BUBBLE TEA: For that friend whose PSL is a taro bubble tea

TEQUILA SUNRISE: For that friend who immediately orders five tequila shots when you walk into a bar, and demands that everyone takes one