Señorita, I feel for you...

It doesn't happen often, but I admit that I sometimes make mistakes. Deco didn't originally have a red in its color lineup, and my reasoning for this was that red is such a popular nail polish color and is available in a million shades, so I didn't feel the need to add another one to the nail polish market. But, after launching Deco's colors, so many people kept asking me "when will you come out with a red polish?", and after hearing this over and over again, I decided to take another look at the color red.

Every part of Señorita was very carefully thought out, from its name to its hue. A true red polish tends to be a mature color choice, and the name had to have meaning for ladies of all ages. That's why the name Señorita is so perfect; if you love JT, you can hear him singing the name (it feels like something's heating up...) and if you are not in a generation that recognizes this iconic song, you just picture of a youthful and beautiful woman.